Evergreen Content Strategies That Never Go Out of Style

Content Writing

Evergreen content is the little black dress of your online presence – always relevant, timeless, and ready to showcase your best when you need it most.

The roots of evergreen content can be traced back to the early days of the internet, with its widespread recognition as an SEO staple taking hold in the early 2000s.

As the internet continued to expand, businesses and marketers realized the immense potential of creating content that remained perpetually valuable. It offered not only a dependable source of information for audiences but also a steady flow of organic traffic and, subsequently, a higher standing in search engine rankings.

This means that as an entrepreneur or a small business owner, building authority and credibility online for your business is essential.

Let’s delve into what evergreen content is and strategies to create content that builds authority and becomes a go-to for your clients.  

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content stands the test of time, providing enduring value to your audience. Evergreen content comes in various forms, serving as the cornerstone of your online credibility.

I always recommend starting with a list of your goals for the content. Then create a list of what problems and what information your clients need.

Once you have that list, consider these options for your pillar content library:

  • Informative blog posts are thoughtful posts that educate, inform, and/or entertain your audience. These posts are your digital storytellers, conveying your expertise in a relatable and engaging way.
  • Compelling case studies are real-life success stories that boost credibility. Think of case studies as testimonials on steroids that showcase your skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • How-To Guides are step-by-step instructions demonstrating your expertise. These guides are the hands-on, actionable side of your content.
  • Engaging listicles are curated lists of tips, resources, or recommendations. Listicles offer quick and practical advice, just like the accessories to your little black dress.

The Benefits of Timeless Content

Creating evergreen content is a smart move for your business. The advantages include:

Authority: Evergreen content helps you establish expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) – the vital factors Google values for online success. E-E-A-T is an integral part of any organic SEO strategy. Organic search results determine where your page ranks, with factors such as content quality, page purpose or benefit, and site reputation contributing to your SEO strategy. Learn more about Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines from one of my favorite marketers.

Organic Traffic: Evergreen content is relevant because it addresses the concerns of a wide range of visitors. By addressing your audience’s common problems or concerns, you’ll attract visitors repeatedly by answering their questions or struggles.

Lower Bounce Rates: Evergreen content is valuable content that keeps readers engaged, thus reducing bounce rates and improving user experience.

Long-Term Search Rankings: As evergreen content remains relevant, it signals to search engines that your articles are useful and contain helpful content, improving your search rankings.

Components of Impactful Evergreen Content

Great evergreen content starts with choosing engaging topics that resonate with your target audience. Key elements to consider include:

  • Engaging Topics: Topics that resonate with your audience are essential. Understand their pain points and offer practical and relevant solutions to their issues.
  • Keyword Optimization: Using relevant keywords is the first step to your content being found, but it should never read like an SEO manual. Use keyword research to find opportunities for appropriate— but not overused—keywords to improve your chances in SERP results.  
  • Accessible Language: Avoid jargon when possible. Instead, choose your tone to be true to your audience and your brand. For example, a conversational tone makes your content approachable and engaging. A professional style exhibits expertise or formal insights.
  • Timelessness: When your content transcends trends, you’re on the right path to providing evergreen content that is relevant and helpful.
  • Repurposability: Evergreen content is marketing gold, as snippets can easily be highlighted for social media and other marketing purposes. Think of repurposing content just as your pair your classic black dress with various heels or boots, maximizing the value of your content.

Formats for Helpful Content

Consider formats like “best of” lists, in-depth guides, data-driven research, and industry reports, which have a history of generating evergreen content in specific industry niches.

When selecting content formats, my preference is to prioritize list posts and how-to guides. These formats are the workhorses of evergreen content, offering clear and lasting value to your readers.

Including a year in your content title is a double-edged sword. On one hand, including “2023” in your title reflects relevant and current information.

However, if it’s 2023 and the headline includes tips from 2017, readers will judge it as outdated and readers will scroll past it.

Steer clear of a year in your headline or be prepared to manage it over time. For example, if you create a list of the top marketing trends for 2023, mark your calendar in the fall of 2023 to research and make any necessary updates to your content. Because your content is evergreen, it’s easy to reflect minor changes that are important for the topic. One bonus to this approach is demonstrating you are active in the research, deepening trust that you are providing the best and most relevant information.


Boost your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness by nurturing your online presence and consistently delivering valuable content. Evergreen content is your steadfast companion in the quest for an organic, first-page ranking on Google.

With the strategies and insights shared here, you’re well on your way to creating evergreen content that is a reliable cornerstone of your online success.