it's all about the client experience. 

"Angel Evitts from The Bonus Writer will forever be my website guru for my business site and content.

When I first interviewed her I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted in my website update but she brainstormed with me and helped me start a new website from scratch because that’s what I needed.

She listened to my ideas, did research and let her creative skills flow. We had several review sessions before launch which made me feel listened to. She was enthusiastic with me about my own business. When we were ready to launch she went the extra mile to share with me ideas on how to share the word.

The Bonus Writer (Angel Evitts) is quick to action competitively priced, and does nothing less than high quality work. Moving forward I have my content and website up-dates specialist on speed dial.

Thanks to Angel the sky is the limit for my small business. I’m recommending her to everyone! Thank you Angel for making this mark in my career with your skill set."

the client experience


"I am so very thankful for my experience working with Angel from The Bonus Writer! She took our company's very basic website and made it attractive, user friendly and overall, much better experience for our clients.

We are also very excited about having our website optimized for SEO and Google to be able to pick up our keywords so when someone searches for our services, we will be easy to find.

Angel made the process extremely easy and working with her was a dream. She was a complete professional and I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of research she did about our line of work so that she would have the knowledge to be able to help us in a way that was invaluable!"

"Angel is a Professional in many aspects. Angel's academic background is superior, which has given her a knowledge base that covers a myriad of professions. Angel's extensive legal background enabled her to move to the top of the paralegal field.

However, I believe that Angel's greatest talent is her mastery at writing and editing. I can not count the times I have reached out to Angel for just this reason. You will not go wrong with Angel to help you with any of your business needs. Angel's creative ideas and sound advice are invaluable."


"Angel is an all-star with an unequivocal five star rating.

I had a small law firm that handled very high end cases. Our clients cases involved significant tragedies that put them in uncertain, scary and vulnerable situations. Among many other things, Angel interacted with our clients from start to finish. She had to understand the complexities of the cases and had to communicate to the clients in a very clear and compassionate manner. She was always professional, understanding and patient. Her ability to identify a client's needs and respond to them appropriately were a huge asset to our firm.

Angel also understood what type of case management software was needed for our firm and took it upon herself to seek it out, have it installed and teach all others how to integrate it into our practice. She held many in-office sessions that she put together to teach our whole office how to function much more efficiently. I continue to benefit from her considerable efforts even today as I still use that database in my ongoing practice.

Having a vision of what is needed and being able to communicate that effectively are two of Angel’s outstanding abilities and qualities. Her talents are matched by her personality, work ethic and dependability."

- Philip C. Henry, Esq.

"Angel listened to our idea of what we wanted in a website. She invested her creative passion to bring our vision to life.

Angel delivered perfection and the end result was unmatched; the website she created was beautiful and extremely effective in growing our business."

" Angel Evitts is an experienced, skillful writer who truly has a gift. Her pieces always strike that perfect balance of being engaging and informative while also conveying your message. She listens and delivers every time and on time.

I recommend Angel 100% to anyone in need of an expert content writer for articles, blogs, website content, newsletters or any copywriting project! "

- l. Morrow 

"Working with The Bonus Writer was a pleasure. I am very impressed with the website she built and the custom content that was written. It was exactly what we were looking for!"


"Working with Angel was a dream. She captured the essence 9f what I needed to ex0ress and made it cohesive and a lot less wordy than what I could do. It was a pleasure because I felt like I had a true partner who listened, read all my current content, and used her very detailed questionnaire to find my true expression.

I would recommend Angel to anyone looking for great copywriting. I will definitely be working with her and sending her my website clients to create their best content. "


"Angel did a great job on an acceptance letter for me. I gave her the words and she made me look good, all true of course. Angel also will create good SEO content for your website, and she writes and edits copy too. Oh! and she did it overnight. I needed it right away. Thanks Angel!"


" Angel has composed several excellent success stories for my company. This consummate professional never disappoints when it comes to the quality of her work and meeting a deadline.

I highly recommend The Bonus Writer!"

- E. Tinsley 

"Angel is an excellent writer and editor. One of the great things about her writing and editing services is that she knows and is able to compose and edit for all of the major styles (MLA, AP, etc.), depending on your field or preference."


"Angel was amazing. She helped me compose and write a brief summary about myself for a work marketing project I had. She was quick, easy to talk to and got all the key factors that mattered.

I will definitely work with her on projects to come!"